Today I Go Bald. Gracefully.

Years ago I promised myself that I would age gracefully. I think that statement can mean a lot of things throughout life. Right now it means balding.

As I looked in the mirror on my wedding day I thought, “I’m glad Nicole is marrying me now before I lose all of this.” It was easy, even then, to see the thinning out.

That was almost 13 years ago. 

ShavedHeadsThere is no real reason why I haven’t shaved my head yet. For a long time, I didn’t have the courage because, somehow, I had convinced myself that my aspiring position as a C-level corporate executive would not tolerate a man who didn’t have a full head of flowing hair. Seriously! Slowly, over the last two years, I began spot researching other executives who shaved their head and found that of the 27 male Chief Marketing Officers listed on the Business Insider’s list of most innovative CMO’s, 7 were bald (or shaved their head down to practically nothing). That’s 26%! A higher number than I was thinking and the stat built up my courage just a bit more.

Today, I honor my commitment to aging gracefully by shaving my head. I will post a before & after picture but until then, enjoy the short video below of a few guys who gained the courage to do the same.



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